Well this is the page where I chat about myself and why I'm here doing this thing in the first place! 

So I'm from London, born on May 4th so i was named after Luke Skywalker (no joke, my brother named me). Anyway, like most people I grew up not really knowing what I wanted until one day, me and some mates were on YouTube at school and we stumbled on an SBTV video of a singer-songwriter doing his thing, and I thought to myself: I reckon if I played guitar, I could do that! So I picked up my sister's old charity shop guitar that she never played and started learning. 


After a while, I told my mates I was gonna do an open mic. And before long, I was sat down in a basement bar in Archway, which has since been host to many happy memories, and I performed in front of an audience for the first time. I played one tune (JCB Song - Nizlopi) and got off. I was so nervous! But the rush was unlike anything else and since then I've done a stupid amount of shows. Because 'practise makes perfect' I guess? 


Me at my first ever open mic

(Shitting myself!!)