Well this is the page where I chat about myself and why I'm here doing this thing in the first place! 

So I'm a London lad, born on May 4th 1995 and named after Luke Skywalker (no joke, my brother named me and to be fair to him, you can't pass up that opportunity!). Anyway, like most people I grew up not really knowing what I wanted until one day, me and some mates were on YouTube at school and we stumbled on an SBTV video of a singer-songwriter doing his thing, and I thought to myself: I reckon if I played guitar, I could do that! So I picked up my sister's old charity shop guitar that she never played and started learning. 


After a while, I told my mates I was gonna do an open mic. And before long, I was sat down in a basement bar in Archway, which has since been host to many happy memories, and I performed in front of an audience for the first time. I played one tune (JCB Song - Nizlopi) and got off. I was so nervous! But the rush was unlike anything else and since then I've done a stupid amount of shows. Because 'practise makes perfect' I guess? 

My debut EP was released in the summer of 2015, and it got Top Ten in the iTunes Chart! I was made up! 

My second EP is out on 25 November 2016. 

I've had loads of good memories whether it be gigs, friends made or the general craic...but I'm sure the best times are still to come!